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The lighting has been interesting for sandcastles. The addition of stage blocks to extend the stage meant that we had a lot more space to cover with the same amount of lights. Luckily, sandcastles is not the most complicated play in terms of lighting so we had plenty of time to concentrate on making sure what we did do was as good as possible. James and I spend a couple of rehearsals moving the lights to make sure that they were all set correctly. We had to make a few last – minute adjustments as one of the lights wasn’t tightened properly but when it came to the play, everything was fine. There were one or two moments in the plays where I went wrong, like when I heard James say ‘lights’ and blacked out the stage in the middle of the character Doug’s lines. Other than that, it was great fun and we are both looking forward to doing the lighting for the next play, “Oh! What a Lovely War”.