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Beach Huts Saga – Set Building Blog

One could formulate an amusing play based on the beach huts alone.   Initially Lynda requested 3 beach huts however, the width of the stage would not accommodate this so Lynda considered that they should be in a crescent form.  The gap was too narrow and they would have been in a triangular form.    We subsequently had then overlapping the stage by 1 foot at each side.   Val then suggested that they should be raised 1 foot above the “sand” so that sea water could not enter them and this is how they were made.   Margaret then panicked and stated that she was acrophobic and could not stand the dizzy height of 1 foot, so I cut the bottoms of the beach huts off.   Due to the size of the huts I had to find somewhere to built them at home, as there would not be time on the limited period we had for set-up.   This brought about another problem in that they were too large for the shed and the garage was taken up with a classic car.   This left the only place for construction as my front sitting room, which during construction ruled out any other use of the sitting room for several weeks.   Once all the joints had been marked the huts were dismantled and transported to Cottingham where they were re-assembled   On the morning of erection of the huts I arrived at  Cottingham and Brian was present but my assistant Paul, as usual was half an hour late.   Whilst I was moving one of the hut frames, due to it being top-heavy and as I was holding it with my arms outstretched, it became unbalanced and fell to the stage, taking me with it and I landed on my bottom and my head.   I was rescued by Brian. Jo then arrived and hearing of my accident, became really excited as she had to make an entry in the accident book and fill in forms.   I must point out that she would not administer first aid and I had to rely on Lynda to rub my bottom better.   When the huts were erected and painted I told Alan that the middle hut painting had to be distressed.   He informed me that all his painting is distressed.  On the final day, believing that we were finished and we did not have any tools with us, up pops Julie with a blasted windmill and a seagull.   The windmill was no problem however; the seagull had a hardwood base, which we had to drill out with a bradawl which is not easy.   I have to admit to being rather proud when the curtains were drawn back on the performance and the surrounding scenery had been painted in an excellent manner leaving me feeling as though I was actually on the beach.   I look forward to less demanding scenery in the future.