The Memory Of Water


The Memory of Water was directed by Adele Williams and performed on 9, 10 11 MAY 2013 with the following cast in order of appearance:


Kay Gower & Margaret Hoyes
Mary Rachel White
Theresa Emily Twigger
Catherine Melanie Twigger
Frank Alan Pardue

Mark Pennington

The production team were as follows:

Assistant Director James Evans
Stage Manager Val Hall
Asst. Stage Manager Graham Lynch
Set Design Adele Williams
Set Build Brian Hossack and Alan Pardue
Lighting James Evans & Brian Hossack
Sound Steve Beazer
Wardrobe Jean Turton
Make Up Lesley Bird
Props Jo Holmes
Prompt Brian Hossack
Front of House Richard Richards, Margaret Hoyes, Martin Berridge, Lynda Danby and John Weller
Refreshments Jenny Thorpe, May Forsey and Marilyn Page

 Here are the productions notes the director, Adele Williams, gave in the programme:

“It is always very difficult as a director to find the play that you have been looking for at the right time. ‘The Memory of Water’ however, found me. It was not the courtroom drama that I had been searching for, nor was it ‘Shirley Valentine’ , one of my favourite play, which I have always had a strong desire to direct. ‘The Memory of Water’ was in one word, different.

‘The Memory of Water’ premièred at the Hampstead Theatre, London in 1996 later winning the Laurence Oliver Award for Best Comedy in 2000. The play was written shortly after the death of playwright’s mother, which heavily influenced her original ideas. Thematically the play looks at the role of women, family relationships, bereavement and most significantly, memory. Set in the bedroom of Vi, mother to Mary, Theresa and Catherine, we watch as the sisters process the fact that tomorrow they will be attending their mother’s funeral. Family drama ensures, as can be expected when emotions are running high. The audience are carried through the highs and the lows, from the elements of dark comedy to the gentle and beautiful moments that can be found even in the saddest times.

In January this year I attended a funeral. When we entered the crematorium it was snowing outside. When we left, it felt as though we were stepping into Narnia. I had to attempt to drive the car up a steep him, in shoes that were not entirely appropriate for the current weather conditions, whilst four male relatives if the bereaved family all in their Sunday best pushed from behind. In my wing mirror I watched the same family members fall flat on their face in the snow several times in the attempt to get that car up the hill. Finally we set off for the thanksgiving service to discover we had been directed the wrong way. Although the day was epically sad and very beautiful in parts, I can’t remember a day where I laughed so much safe in the knowledge that Doreen, the sadly deceased, would have been laughing along with me. I feel that ‘The Memory of Water’ really captures some of the emotions that I felt that day and I hope that i have brought them into the production.

I would like to dedicate this play to Doreen Evans, who we sadly lost earlier this years and was very much looking forward to this production.

Adele Williams, Director”