Our November 2018 production will be “A Kick in the Baubles” by Gordon Steele. Performances are on Thursday 29th, Friday 30thNovember and 1st December 2018.

AUDITIONS for the show will be held on Thursday 24th May 2018 at 7.30 p.m. in the D & J Small Hall, Cottingham. All are welcome!

Please come along whether you wish to act or work backstage.  (Anyone who cannot make this date should contact the Director, Brian Hossack, on 875123 or 07715492940 as soon as possible so that one alternative date can be arranged.)

A Kick in the Baubles:

It’s another peaceful Christmas in the Bailey household but chestnuts aren’t roasting on an open fire, and although a Silent Night would be welcome, all is not calm and all is certainly not bright.

Frank does not wish it could be Christmas every day—in fact ,he’s dreading the arrival of his snobbish in-laws who only ever bring a single bottle of wine for the festivities. Throw in a couple of larger than life neighbours, let the drink flow merrily, Frank’s drink, mind—and everything is set for a car crash Christmas.

But when Frank and Jean’s estranged daughter Milly suddenly appears, the rug is pulled out from underneath the chaos and the heartstrings are firmly tugged.


FRANK: Married to Jean. Bluff, but not without a sense of humour. Hides his softer side very well. 50/60s

JEAN: The archetypal housewife. Happy but not showing it too often, particularly to Frank.

ALEX: Female. Absolutely daft as a brush. Youngish but can be played up to mid 30s.

HARRY: The brother-in-law. Relates nearly everything to price. In financial trouble but doing his best to keep it hidden. Again 50/60s.

DOREEN: Married to Harry. A snob. Better off than her sister (Jean), or is she?

GARY: Big man, bold outlook, proper LAD!!!!

DARREN: Young, smart, possibly pony tail. Milly’s boyfriend. Up to mid 30s.

MILLY: Daughter of Frank and Jean. Has left home and this is her first home visit since. Although she appears a little timid, she is in fact very capable.

JULIE: Darren’s wife. Brassy, common, with a lovely figure that she doesn’t mind showing off, especially to the men