Who Killed the Soapstar

Our Murder Mystery Evening “Who Killed the Vicar?” earlier this year was such a success, and such fun to do, that we have decided to repeat it.

“Who Killed the Soap Star?” will follow the exactly the same format as last time – you will join up in teams of 6 to watch our well rehearsed team of actors perform two acts of the Murder Mystery, during which you will have to work out ‘Whodunnit’. After a break for supper our two hapless detectives will reveal the culprit(s).

There will be prizes for the team or teams which get the right answers and a buffet supper is included – all for the bargain price of £7.50. Please feel free to bring your own drinks to help lubricate your ‘little grey cells’. Where else can you get a Valentine’s Weekend bargain like that?

We know that many people were disappointed not to get tickets last time so there will be two performances of “Who Killed the Soap Star?” on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th February 2016.

“Who Killed the Vicar” was a brilliant evening – enjoyable for audience and cast alike. Don’t miss out this time!

Tickets can be obtained from Lynda Danby on 849655