Ladies’ Day

LADIES’ DAY by Amanda Whittington,

Directed by Rachel White

“Ladies’ Day” by Amanda Whittington was performed at the Darby & Joan Hall from 6-9 May 2015.

The play was written for Hull Truck in 2005, the year that Royal Ascot was relocated to York. It tells the story of Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda, four friends from a fish-filleting factory who ditch the hairnets, overalls and wellies for the day and head off to the races. It’s very funny, but more than just a comedy – there are some bitter-sweet moments too.

The production was extremely well received, with universally favourable comments from the audience, which included a number of people who had not been to a CLT production before.


Jan – Lynda Danby

Pearl – Sue Kay

Shelley – Jo Holmes

Linda – Emily Twigger

Joe – Allan Purdue

Fred – James Evans

Jim – Brian Hossack

Patrick – Steve Barker

Kevin – Graham Lynch

Barry – Whitfield Richards


Director: Rachel White

Stage Manager: Val Thompson

ASM: Julie Hossack

Props: Julie Hossack, Margaret Hoyes

Costume: Maggi Hogan, Jean Turton

Sound & Light: James Evans

Audience comments

“Outstanding.” “Excellent.”

“It was all so well done – the set, the costumes – and the performances were just amazing.”

“One of the best things I’ve seen at CLT.”

“ An excellent production. I saw the original version at Hull Truck and enjoyed it very much, but I actually thought yours was better.”

“It was bl**dy brilliant!”

“Worth travelling up from Peterborough to see this – we shall do so again.”

“Makes me want to dig out my Tony Christie LPs!”*

*Director’s note: some members of the cast and crew, especially those who are not exactly fans of Mr Christie, have cast doubt on the last one. I can assure you that every one of these comments is a genuine quote!